Geri Trader FX Video Course

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My name is Geri, and I am a full-time professional trader. I have been trading since 2013 in the Forex market and after the first 3 years of trying to progress, I finally found [...]


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The perfect way to start your trading career. This course covers 25 trading topics and will set you up perfectly to start trading yourself! The course is organized in perfect order, so work your [...]

DaVinciFX Course

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DaVinciFX Regardless of your experience level, we can help you hone your skill and give you the framework technically and psychologically for you to be successful in the markets. We cover all area’s; technical [...]


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Master the Art of Technical Analysis Learn the language of the financial markets and begin the road to self sufficiency. Bsappsfx will take your forex knowledge to new heights and help increase your consistency [...]